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Finding Sources: in the Library and Online: Finding News

This guide shows students where to begin and provides them with resources for finding all types of information.

General News Databases

Newspapers B&W (5)"Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but they are not entitled to their own facts." 

-Daniel Patrick Moynihan (late Senator of NY)


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The following databases and websites contain contemporary and historical news items worldwide:

Primary v. Secondary Sources Presentation

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Recommended Newspapers

  • Austin American-Statesman
    Daily newspaper for Austin, Texas.
    Library has issues Mar. 5, 1987 through present
    (March 5, 1987 through April 30, 2011 on MICROFILM.)
  • Williamson County Sun
    Georgetown, Texas biweekly newspaper.
    Current year available in print.
    May 19, 1877- December 1934 on MICROFILM.
    January 1936 - Dec. 2010 on MICROFILM
  • The Megaphone
    The official student newspaper of Southwestern University.
    Issues from 2007 to present available.
    Volumes 1-99 (1907-2007) on MICROFILM.
  • Round Rock Leader
    Local newspaper for Round Rock, Texas, and surrounding area.
    Current issue only at library.
  • USA Today
    National American daily newspaper.
    Library retains current issue and last six months of back issues.
    1985-December 2002 on MICROFILM

  • The Christian Science Monitor
    "An international news organization"
    Last six months in library.
    1954-2002 on MICROFILM.

    The New York Times  
  • American daily newspaper.
    Newest issues in library.
    Sept. 1851 - July 15, 2011 on MICROFILM.

  • Wall Street Journal
    American English-language international daily newspaper.
    Current issues in library.
    January 1976- June 2011 on MICROFILM.
  • Le Devoir (French)
    A French-language newspaper published in Montreal and distributed in Quebec and the rest of Canada.
    Issues retained for one year.

  • Le Monde. Dossiers et documents. (French)
    A monthly educational publication published in Paris, France.
    Last two years available in library.

  • Suddeutsche Zeitung (German)
    German national subscription daily newspaper published out of Munich.
    Most recent issues available.
    No back issues retained.

  • Die Zeit (German)
    German nationwide weekly newspaper published out of Hamburg.
    Issues retained at the library for one year.
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Journalism Coverage

Coverage About the News Industry

There are a number of organizations and publications that cover journalism as an industry and offer insight into the reliability of sources.

  • American Journalism Review  
  • Columbia Journalism Review
  • OJR: The Online Journalism Review 
  • On the Media 

Watchdog Groups

The following are some press watchdog organizations that examine news sources for bias, inaccuracy, self-censorship, etc. Remember that many of these watchdog organizations also have their own political bias. Be sure to assess their claims critically, and do some research on the watchdog organization you are interested in exploring to find out details like who is funding the organization.

  • Accuracy in Media

  • Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting


  • Media Matters for America

  • Media Monitors Network

  • Media Research Center

  • Project Censored

  • Stats

Nonpartisan  Organizations

These organizations conduct unbiased research into new sources, the news industry, and consumers of news.

  • Project for Excellence in Journalism  

  • The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press

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U.S. History News

  • U.S. News Archives on the Web - Extensive listing of news archives across the country, with information on pricing (if applicable), date ranges, and holdings. 
  • Digital History Historical Newspaper Articles - Searchable historic news database with article annotations. 
  • Readers' Guide (print index) - Retrospective indexing and abstracting of the most popular general-interest periodicals published in the United States and Canada from 1890. Please ask for assistance at the InfoDesk if you would like to access this set.

Major and popular news outlets

These news outlets are all based in the U.S., though many of them cover international news as well as national news.

The following are some of the major, and most widely read, newspapers in the United States. Check the WorldCat Local catalog and the Periodicals section of the library for some of these titles.

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The New York Times
  • The Los Angeles Times
  • USA Today
  • The Chicago Tribune
  • The Washington Post
  • The Boston Globe
  • The Sane Jose Mercury News
  • The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
For a list of the top 100 newspapers in the United States by circulation, go here.
Select News Magazines
  • Time
  • The Atlantic
  • The New Republic
  • The New Yorker
  • New York Magazine

News Radio and Television 

  • NPR
  • ABC News
  • C-Span 
  • Democracy Now! 
  • Fox News
  • PBS News Hour

Select News Blogs

  • The Huffington Post
  • The Daily Beast
  • Politico
  • Salon
  • Slate
  • The Daily Dish with Andrew Sullivan


Tip!  Blogs often focus on a narrow topic. So if you want technology news, you can find dedicated, technology news blogs. For help evaluating sources on the web, check out the University of Albany's Evaluating Web Content Guide 
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