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Comparative Politics: Country Overviews

This guide is for students researching topics in Comparative Politics, an introductory survey of major political systems, representing both Western and non-Western countries.

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General Country Information Sources

To obtain current current political party outlook, type in country (ex. Germany) , then in uppercase type the connector AND , then political party overview in top search box.  Hit return key for search results.


  • Germany AND political party overview
  • Vietnam AND political party overview
  • Spain AND political party overview

Sources are:

  • Business Monitor International (for International Company Information)
  • Country Briefings (economic briefings on politics, stock markets, etc. for 32 countries)
  • PRS Risk Guides and Service (international business risk analysis)
  • Walden Country Reports (basic country information, updated yearly)
  • Recent News Stories (news about the country selected)

Before searching:

  • Type a country name in the search box, then choose "Title" from the drop-down box
  • Scroll down the page, choose "Country Report" from the Publication Type drop-down menu
  • Press the "Search" button

Search results will include country reports from various vendors including: The European Union, Political Risk Yearbook, and Country Monitor.

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Politics of the World

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