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Revolution, Romanticism, and Realism: Articles

This course surveys the history of European and American art made between approximately 1785 and 1860.

Finding Background Information

Credo Reference is an online reference collection. It contains over 900 online encyclopedias, subject dictionaries, biographical sources, and reference tools. Think of it as an academic substitute for Wikipedia.

The reference tools in Credo Reference are from reputable publishers including ABC-CLIO, ALA Editions, Ashgate, Barron's, Berg, Berkshire Publishing Group, Blackwell, Cambridge University Press, Cassell, Collins, Edward Elgar, Elsevier Science & Technology, Encyclopædia Britannica, Gale, Greenwood Publishing, H.W. Wilson, Harvard University Press, Houghton Mifflin, Library of Congress, Macmillan, Marquis Who's Who, Merriam-Webster, MIT Press, OECD, Princeton University Press, Routledge, Springer, Wiley, Yale University Press, and many others.

Why use Wikipedia when you can use Credo Reference?

Wikipedia entries can be excellent, but they can also be unreliable and spotty. Credo Reference draws from online versions of established and well-known reference sources. Citing Credo Reference resources instead of Wikipedia in your papers is a better way to go!

Search Example: French Romantic painter, Theodore Gericault, "Raft of the Medusa"


Where to Find Scholarly Sources (Art & Art History)

Types of articles include artist biographies, surveys of art by location, artistic styles, schools and movements; art patronage, and materials and techniques. Articles are peer reviewed. The online Dictionary is updated frequently. Corresponds to and updates the 34-volume Dictionary of Art published in 1996.  The print set is available on the first floor of the library.

Over one million images, many from museum collections, searchable by keyword and browsable by medium, time period, etc. Register and log in to download JPEGs to your computer. Create your own details by zooming in and downloading JPEGs of zoomed-in views.

A bibliographic database that cites articles from more than 350 English-language periodicals, plus full-text of over 95 of those periodicals. It covers the fields of archaeology and classical studies, art and photography, history, and much more.

A historic archive of scholarly journals that includes the arts and humanities. 

Historical Abstracts (1954-present) offers citations to thousands of scholarly articles, books, reviews, and dissertations about topics in world history (excluding the U.S. and Canada). The database also encompasses cultural subjects such as the fine arts, communication, language, fashion, music, interior design, warfare, religion, and politics.

 Extensive coverage of scholarly articles on the history and culture of the United States and Canada, from prehistory to the present.

An index of journals in the humanities, social sciences, and mathematics, published by the Johns Hopkins University Press and other university presses. Full text articles from scholarly journals in the arts.



Academic Search Complete is a comprehensive scholarly, multi-disciplinary full-text database. It is one of many library subscription databases.

Tip: When you view a full record for an article, read the abstract, or summary, to quickly ascertain if it is relevant to your research. 

The Getty Research Portal™ is an online search platform providing global access to digitized art history texts. Through this multilingual, multicultural union catalog, scholars can search and download complete digital copies of publications for the study of art, architecture, material culture, and related fields. The Portal is free to all users. -- website

 Database of over 1 billion records of books and other materials held in more than 10,000 academic, public, special and national libraries around the world. Use WorldCat to locate materials outside of Southwestern, in almost any area of study, or to locate items in specific libraries and research collections.

Worldcat@SU has the ability to search for books, audiovisual materials, and journals as well as for articles in our most popular, multi-disciplinary databases (Academic Search Complete, JSTOR, and Project Muse).

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Google Scholar

Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature.

Be aware, you may THINK you know all about Google Scholar, but there are probably some aspects that will surprise you. Always wear your Critical Thinking Hat when using Google to find information.

Since this is a presentation and NOT a video, you will need to click the RIGHT ARROW on the presentation to view the next slide. For any videos within the presentation, you will need to click on the video for it to play.

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Peer Review - What is it and how do I find out?

Click on Advanced Search. Scroll down to see your options and select peer-reviewed.

After searching for your topic in Worldcat@SU, you will want to select peer-reviewed:

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