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AES Altruism, Adventure, and Activism: Teachers as Heroes: Start Here

Supporting Dr. Sherry Adrian's 2019 Advanced Entry Seminar

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Start exploring here

Credo is an academic alternative to Wikipedia. It includes topic pages with mind maps (examples: altruism and teaching) and specialized entries from several encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other reference sources (example: The Pyschosocial impact of Global Disasters).

Where to Find Scholarly Sources

The databases featured in this box are particularly useful for this class. You can learn more about databases on the Research Hub

Books & eBooks at Smith Library Center

Searching for Information

Think about keywords related to teaching in general, and/or a specific context or aspect, to start your search in the library's WorldCat catalogWhen you find a relevant resource, try clicking the subject links to lead to more resources on the topic. Also browse the shelf nearby for related titles. Ask your librarian for advanced search tips!

Try some of these subject headings in WorldCat:

Teachers Political activity | Social advocacy | Altruism | Helping behavior | Teacher-student relationships | Righteous Gentiles of the Holocaust ‚Äč| Social Justice study and teaching | Women social reformers | Hurricane Katrina, 2005 Social aspects

Oral History Resources

Story Corps:

StoryCorps on National Public Radio

StoryCorps Homepage

StoryCorps App: how to record, tag, and archive your conversation, with helpful tips.

StoryCorps Uploading to Archive without using app: Directions for if you'd like to use another app, use a portable recorder from Info Desk, or utilize the usb/memory card ports in the SU Audio Studio.

Smith Library Center Resources:

    SU Makerspace Studios: Audio Studio  Bring flash drive or memory card. First come first serve, or reserve time on the calendar. Instructions in room. (Or use this as a high quality sound space for using the StoryCorps app.)

     SU Makerspace Studios: Sandbox Media Lab   Open whenever not reserved for class or meeting. Adobe Creative Cloud suite (Audition audio editor), Apple iMovie and Garage Band, Audacity audio editor.

"In the Field" Voice Recording or Transcribing Options:

     PC Magazine: 9 Voice-Recorder Apps that Won't Miss a Second

     Oral History Center, Winnepeg Canada    What to look for when choosing an audio recording app.

     Google Voice Typing   How to enable transcription into Google Docs (Chrome only)

General Guidance:

     The Smithsonian Folklife and Oral History Interviewing Guide

     What is Oral History? Oral History Center, Winnipeg, Canada. Site contains tutorials and other resources as well.

     Oral History Association Principles and Best Practices

     Oral History Association Web Guides to Doing Oral History

     Sample Release Form from Duke University. Adapt/modify


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