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Getting Started with Digital Scholarship

The Digital Scholarship LibGuide

This guide is intended to assist faculty in exploring options for incorporating digital scholarly tools and methods in their teaching. Experts in higher education increasingly situate digital literacy as a crucial outcome of liberal arts education. When matched appropriately with your teaching interests and course goals, digital tools and methods can facilitate new ways for students to connect with content while also building digital skills. This guide contains vetted platforms and methods, basic information about them, and sample assignments. Digital Scholarship Postdoctoral Fellow Andrew Rechnitz is available to consult individually with you to determine what digital approaches might connect with your existing course objectives. He is available for consultations on: 

  • digital exhibit projects
  • text analysis
  • text encoding
  • digital timelines
  • digital mapping
  • online annotation
  • oral history methods and projects 
  • incorporating social media in courses
  • 3D modeling and printing
  • video game design
  • web design
  • content management systems
  • digital portfolios
  • documentaries
  • video and audio production and editing
  • screencasting

To schedule a consultation, please send an email to