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AES: Climate Change & The Liberal Arts

Dr. Northrup, Spring 2017

Some relevant databases

The databases featured in this box are particularly useful for this class.

Find more info on databases on the Research Hub (click on the parrot).

How Subject Headings are Useful

Here are some Subject Headings relevant to this course:

Energy policy.

Climatic changes. 

Climatic changes -- Effect of human beings on.
Climatic changes -- Social aspects.

Environmental justice.

Environmental policy.

Globalization -- Economic Aspects.

Sustainable development.

Economic history.

International economic relations -- History.

Population -- History.

Population -- Statistics.

Gross domestic product -- Statistics.

Suggested sites for this course

Below are some relevant internet resources. Always be selective about the web sites you choose.

Use the CRAAP Test on the Research Hub for guidance evaluating website credibility. You can always ask a Librarian for help, too.